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Barnes Wallace Class

Welcome to Barnes Wallace class!

The children in Barnes Wallace class have been working their socks off recently! From writing fantastic balanced arguments, to proving that light travels in straight lines.... we really are a busy class! 

Who are we proud of this week?

This week we are proud of Faith for being an absolute super star in everything she has done and also Jake for writing a thoughtful balanced argument. 


What will children be learning?


During English lessons this term we will be looking at the Mayans which links to our theme. We have also been reading 'Cirque du Freak' for World Book day which the children are thoroughly enjoying. We love Darren Shan! More information on Darren Shan and Cirque Du Freak can be found on Reading Cloud.

Children are encouraged and reminded to continue to read at home regularly and bring their reading records to school every day. We love to see parents and children's comments in their reading records!

Can we remind children to return or renew their books correctly so they do not get overdue letters!


Over this half term, Y5 are looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. (Phew!) We are working really hard with our maths mastery and explaining our thinking in greater depth!


Who were the Mayans? And what can we learn from them

Children will be immersed in their learning about Mayan beliefs and daily life. We love anything and everything to do with chocolate in Barnes Wallace class and will be basing a lot of our learning around where Mayans believed chocolate came from. During science week, we will be creating our own Willy-Wonka creations. (Both chocolatey and healthy!)


For art, we will be designing and making our own intricate and interesting Mayan masks.

Science: Can you light up your life?

During the unit, children will learn about how light travels in straight lines and how the eye works.



Is there anything else I need to know?

Children have 'homework bingo' to complete which is linked to our Mayan topic. ALL children should aim to complete at least 5 of these!
Y6 have their CGP homework books to complete each week .

Spelling are sent our for both Y5 and Y6 to practise each week and children should all be reading at least 3 x a week at home.


If you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Wood.  laughing